Arikka Fae

Arikka Fae was born and raised in the small town of New Hamburg, Ontario where she was taught by her grandmother how to sew and embroider as a child. She would sew dresses, skirts, and quilts, but Arikka always preferred making clothes, dreaming of becoming a fashion designer.

Always having a passion for the arts, Arikka moved to North Bay to go to college to study culinary arts. She graduated from the culinary program at Canadore College in 2019. After spending a year in the culinary field, she rediscovered her love for working with textiles and began her pursuit as entrepreneur in the world of embroidery. In effort to follow her childhood dreams, Arikka created the brand Ethereal Embroidery. Ethereal Embroidery started out by only offering hand embroidery on clothing but soon expanded to also offer machine embroidery. Arikka offers everything from custom embroidery work for individuals and businesses to her own line of embroidered clothing. She has had the privilege of working with several small businesses in North Bay and across Canada to create apparel and merchandise lines.

Arikka wishes to grow her knowledge and skills with both sewing and embroidery while also learning digital art so she can expand Ethereal Embroidery even more.

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