Deborah Hickey

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, Deborah Hickey, along with her husband and two sons, ages two and four, moved north to Sundridge, Ontario in 1983. They started a business while building a log home, and raised their two sons
along with goats, chickens, turkeys, duck, pigs, a pony, a dog, a large garden and before adding two daughters to the mix.

Ms. Hickey enrolled courses studying art history, different art mediums and styles but, her love of the arts took a back bench to college, getting married and starting their family. Now living in Northern Ontario, that love has taken root again and after attending a couple of classes in stained glass, she found a venue to express that love of colour, texture and lines.

Retiring after nine years working in customer service, Ms. Hickey has been able to devote herself full time to developing her craft. Working from her studio situated in the log home that she and her husband built in Corbeil, Ms. Hickey now works
at creating original designs in glass.

In addition to designing beautiful window panels, Ms. Hickey also enjoys the challenge of experimenting with three
dimensional pieces. Ready to now take her craft to the next level, Ms. Hickey has joined fellow artisans at Gateway to the Arts Gallery, creating a webpage, and coaching others
in discovering the beauty she has admired for so long.

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