Diane Scott

I started painting while attending high school in Saskatchewan. I continued painting at university as I completed my degree in education with a major in fine arts. While pursuing my teaching career, owning and operating a vacation resort and raising a family I continued to squeeze in artistic activities and workshops on the side.  I couldn’t seem to find the time for serious painting. I have lived in Corbeil, Ontario since 1991 after spending time in Saskatchewan and Alberta.

I picked up my brushes and started painting again when I retired in 2017.  My skills were rusty but it was so much fun to play with paint again and have the time to do it. I am inspired by light, color, and nature and currently use acrylic paints. Looking at the inside of a nautilus shell reminds me to never stop learning and to keep expanding my mind from “smaller chambers” to “larger chambers”, to ensure growth. I find that painting is a wonderful way to relax, socialize or get away from the noise and contemplate life.

My goal is to have fun while painting and learning.  I strive to paint until I am completely blind or unable to move my hand across a canvas.

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