Gabby Palin

Gabrielle Palin is a young artist and academic, currently living with her younger sister and mother in North Bay. She was born in Edmonton, Alberta, but thanks to her military family, has spent most of her life traveling across the Atlantic Ocean following her father’s deployments. Now situated, she is pursuing two Bachelor’s degrees at Nipissing University for Fine Arts and Education. She hopes to use these degrees to one day become an art teacher, and perhaps teach abroad!

Gabby’s main artistic focus revolves around character design and abstract or non-representational art; two very conflicting fields. She is fascinated with the minor details that go into projects like animating cartoons or making graphic novels, and practices digital art to this extent. But when it comes to other mediums like acrylic, oil, or watercolor, she takes a looser approach, letting the medium speak for itself. She wants to create works with deep meanings, as well as make works that simply spark joy!

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