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We are a hand-chosen group of artists and facilitators located across northern Ontario and we are available as speakers and to host workshops, special events, fundraisers, focus groups and training sessions in your community or at your event. Our directory is one of the most comprehensive in the province and features professional working artists with a plethora of skills. Please feel free to contact us in order to book one of our amazing members.

Dani-Lynn Redgrift-Berthelot


I cannot remember a time when I did not have a camera with me. I have always loved the outdoors, walking, hiking and exploring. Bringing my camera along feels as natural as the life and scenery I photograph.

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Karrie Emms


Born and raised in Northern Ontario Karrie Emms has deep roots and northern blood that courses through her veins.  Spending the majority of her life in picturesque Ontario towns she had ample opportunity to study the colors, silhouettes and sights which have inspired many an artists.  

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June De Sousa

Paper Tole/ Paper Quill

June has been a North Bay resident for over 25 years. A qualified registered music teacher, she, along with music partner, Lynda Kennedy established Brava Music Studios which ran for 8 years offering lessons for most orchestral and band instruments.

Seven years ago, while travelling in Europe she attended a craft show/market and became fascinated with the paper arts, (paper tole and paper quilling)

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Diane Scott


I started painting while attending high school in Saskatchewan. I continued painting at university as I completed my degree in education with a major in fine arts. While pursuing my teaching career, owning and operating a vacation resort and raising a family I continued to squeeze in artistic activities and workshops on the side.

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Jillian Bernas


Ms. Bernas completed Highschool and is a self-taught artist who learned by following tutorials and skill share courses which she has been using since the age of 13.  She began drawing portraits of musicians and pop icons she admired and she now focuses on the details and the deep emotional expressions people can exhibit. 

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Shelby Watson

Crochet/Wire Wrapped Jewellery

Shelby Watson was born and raised in North Bay with a love for jewelry, knitting and fashion since she was a child. She would go door to door selling her jewellery as a young girl and was always eager to get her artwork out into the world.

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Deborah Hickey

Stained Glass Artist

Ms. Hickey enrolled courses studying art history, different art mediums and styles but, her love of the arts took a back bench to college, getting married and starting their family. Now living in Northern Ontario, that love has taken root again and after attending a couple of classes in stained glass, she found a venue to express that love of colour, texture and lines.

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Jesslynn Anne Emms


Born and raised in beautiful North Bay photography has always been a passion of mine. I remember picking up my first ever camera, a pink Kodak point and shoot, and was hooked from then on. In recent years I have found that my favourite type of photography is natural light portraits.

Now I am attending York University in Toronto studying Kinesiology. I spend half my time in Toronto and half at home in North Bay.

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Arikka Fae

Ethereal Embroidery

Arikka Fae was born and raised in the small town of New Hamburg, Ontario where she was taught by her grandmother how to sew and embroider as a child. She would sew dresses, skirts, and quilts, but Arikka always preferred making clothes, dreaming of becoming a fashion designer.

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Colton Emms

Glass Blower/Blacksmith

Profile Coming Soon

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Veronica Demiciuch


Hi! I’m Veronica, a 16 year-old self taught artist born in Illinois, USA. I go to Ecole Secondaire Catholic Franco-cite in Sturgeon Falls staring my 11th year. Since elementary school I’ve drawn realistic portraits but in the past 2 years I’ve started to paint.

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Melinda Shank

Mixed-Media Artist

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Moe McGuinty

Wood Worker/Author/Musician

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