Jillian Bernas

Jillian Bernas was born and raised in Parry Sound, Ontario but, as a child she was able to travel all over Canada.  She is the oldest of five children who loved drama and creativity as far back as high school which at 19 that wasn’t so long ago.  Perhaps her love of the arts spurned her desire to become a tattoo artist which is a dream she is chasing.   Ms. Bernas first learned she had artistic talent when a teacher selected her to draw the back cover of the school yearbook. 

Ms. Bernas completed Highschool and is a self-taught artist who learned by following tutorials and skill share courses which she has been using since the age of 13.  She began drawing portraits of musicians and pop icons she admired and she now focuses on the details and the deep emotional expressions people can exhibit. 

Ms. Bernas has discovered her favorite medium to be a pencil which was the easiest to learn since she was already sketching during classes and she finds her inspiration in emotions and the reactions people have to them.  This has caused her to focus on and try to represent emotions clearly in her pieces.  She creates wonderful pieces with the support of her companion a big calico cat names Cali. 

The most challenging piece Ms. Bernas has completed currently hangs in the Gateway To the Arts Co-op and it features a smiling old woman.  The piece depicts her numerous wrinkles and her delicate features but it is her smile that seems to leap off the page. 

Ms. Bernas decided to become involved with Gateway To the Arts because she loves the arts and the city of North Bay.  The co-op allows her to express herself and learn from other artists while also being a venue that allows her to get to know other artists in the community.  Her one wish is for people to realize anyone can be an artist if they want to be. 

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