Join Gateway To the Arts

What Membership Involves:

Being a member of Gateway To the Arts Co-operative is more than just paying fees, selling artwork and collecting a commission. Becoming a member of Gateway To the Arts means becoming family, becoming friends, becoming teachers, becoming ambassadors and becoming community leaders.

Members take part in various activities within the co-op from managing and running the storefront to running events, workshops and community events. We provide workshops and endeavor to promote the arts in our city as well as the farther north. Members have the opportunity to partake in special events and travel with the group to events and shows as they become available. First trip is July 30-Aug 1 to an art sale in Renfrew Ontario which will also be a retreat weekend.

Our members are mentors. With younger and emerging artists as well as experienced and solo artists in the same setting working together we learn from each other and glean experiences from each other. The more experienced members learn from the newer ones and vice-versa.

The commission rate for members begin at 30% and are reduced based on the number of volunteer hours worked in a month to a minimum of 10%. We pay out commissions on a monthly basis to our members.

Memberships begin at $80.00 per month. This entitles a member to use of the workshop space to lead workshops, the ability to exhibit and sell their pieces in the gallery, and to use the common equipment (Cricut, Professional Photographic Printer, Lightboxes and Lights, and soon a new Glowforge Laser Engraver (On Back Order). Members pay for their materials and we supply the equipment.

We are constantly adding to the common items available. Members also get to sit in on other members workshops where numbers allow and use of our members lounge and design space (currently under renovation). Members are also included on our website, in our online store, featured on social media and in the store window.

How To Join:

In order to join Gateway To the Arts, you must attend an information session either online or in person, come for a one-on-one meeting with the owners and provide samples of your completed works.

We are not there to judge but we do find a simple jurying process helps to ensure the compatibility of our members and to ensure a positive attitude for all.

The decision to accept or decline a member rests with the founders/owners in consultation with existing members.

To request information

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