Shanan King

Artist, Facilitator, Founder

Shanan King was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario in 1978.  Known as The Gateway to the North, North Bay sits on the shores of two beautiful lakes and is surrounded by woods, fields, lakes, rivers and all that nature has to offer. Later in life Ms. King put down roots in Southern and then Eastern Ontario before returning home to stay. The areas she called home were always close enough to nature that she could immerse herself and her children in its beauty, wonder and healing energies

The beings that call the outdoors their home have always called to Ms. King and she has responded by becoming a seasoned Wildcrafter, foraging and harvesting medicine and food. Ms. King sources many of her supplies for recreating the magical scenes she encounters by listening to those the Fairy folk who whisper to her on her foraging walks. Ms. King’s love of the natural environment has also motivated her to incorporate recycling, upcycling and repurposing of items destined for the landfill into her creations.

Ms. King’s creative journey was spearheaded at an early age by her Grandmother Mary who was always dabbling in one art form or another and had many hobbies. She also inspired her hobby artist penchant for intuitively creating items and gifting them to others. Following in her Grandmother’s footsteps, she has a treasure chest of skills that she incorporates into her mixed media creations including but not limited to sculpting, pyrography and wood working. 

Included in Ms. King’sresume are the Healing Arts in the form of energy healing by Quantum Touch and she is an Anger Management Specialist that focuses on how to manage stress, anxiety and anger. Ms. King has hosted wellness workshops incorporating creating art to help in the healing process and attended Christmas shows as a vendor selling her works.

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