Wendy McCoy

Artist / Facilitator

Phone: 705-491-2487

Wendy McCoy is a visual artist who was born and raised in North Bay, Ontario.  Her love of art led her to studying part-time at Nipissing University and the Ottawa School of Art, although most of her skills have been self-taught.

Her artwork has transformed from creating portraits and landscapes to now being spiritually-inspired due to a fundamental change in her spiritual beliefs.  She now creates symbolic spiritual art which is multifaceted and spiritually multidimensional in nature.  She sees her artwork as teaching tools for all those who view her work.  On a deeper level, her artwork encompasses Reiki and other healing symbols as well as chakra colours; hence another level of multidimensional spiritual art.  Hearts are often depicted in her artwork because love is the highest vibration, it is the most powerful force in the universe and love can change the world.

She enjoys the process of creating her artwork as it allows her to meld ideas and inspiration, beliefs, truths and lots of love into a visual compilation.

Her chosen medium is acrylic which offers her the boldness she craves for her artwork, although she has a background in drawing and painting using watercolours and oils.

Allow her artwork to heal you, inspire you, stir you, empower you.

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